Writing Fellows Program
@ University of Wisconsin-Madison

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The Undergraduate Writing Fellows Program brings talented undergraduates and committed faculty together in a cooperative effort to improve student writing. The program prepares selected students from a wide range of majors to serve as peer writing tutors, called Writing Fellows. Fellows work closely with professors and students on writing in a variety of courses across the College of Letters and Science. The program enables accomplished and enthusiastic student writers to share their writing skills and intellectual curiosity with other undergraduates.

Two beliefs underlie the program:

  • Collaboration among student peers is an especially effective mode of learning.
  • All writers, no matter how accomplished, can improve their writing by sharing work in progress and making revisions based upon constructive criticism.

The Fellows put these beliefs into practice, serving as guides and role models for their peers while gaining invaluable experience for themselves.

By placing undergraduates in positions of intellectual leadership and creating new opportunities for intellectual exchange between and among students and faculty, the Writing Fellows Program helps fulfill the University's teaching mission and seeks to build a community of undergraduates dedicated to uniting intellectual inquiry with service to the University.

If you applied to be a Writing Fellow starting in fall 2015, thank you for your application! We are currently reviewing applications. We will select 30–40 finalists for a 30 minute interview. If you are selected for an interview, you can expect to hear from us by the end of March. Interviews take place during the first two weeks of April and notifications will be sent out by the end of April if you are accepted to the Program. We realize that this is a lengthy process and we appreciate your patience. We receive more than 65 applications each year and we want to be sure that we review every application carefully.

If you have any questions about the program, please contact Emily Hall (ebhall@wisc.edu) or Brad Hughes, Director of the Writing Center (bthughes@wisc.edu).