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Thesis Statement Boot Camp—NEW!


Thesis statements are the cornerstone of much academic writing at the undergraduate level, but mastering them can seem tricky or mysterious. In this workshop, we will de-mystify the thesis statement and practice concrete strategies for developing and refining them. In particular, we will discuss the role of the thesis in argumentation, how to use the thesis statement to improve your reader's understanding, and the complicated relationship between the thesis and your research process. Participants should bring with them a copy of relevant assignment rubrics, as well as research notes or drafts in progress.

Intended Audience

Undergraduate students who are currently working on argumentative, researched, and/or analytical writing assignments.


1.5 hours

Schedule for Spring 2014

Tuesday, 2/18, 3:30-5:00 (Sec. 1)
Friday, 4/4, 1:30-3:00 (Sec. 2)

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