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Intro to Resumés and Cover Letters

Come to this workshop to learn what employers say they want in resumés and cover letters and how to meet those criteria impressively.


Are you building or revising a resumé or cover letter? Wondering about the best strategies to convince someone to hire you? Having trouble tailoring that cover letter for a specific position or fitting your whole life into a one-page resumé? We're here to help. In this workshop, we'll discuss what employers say they want in resumés and cover letters and strategies for meeting those criteria impressively. This workshop is intended for undergraduate and Master's students applying for jobs and internships. Graduate students applying to academic positions should attend one of our other workshops or make an individual appointment.

Intended Audience

Any student who needs to write a resumé and/or cover letter. Please note that this workshop is not appropriate for people writing an academic curriculum vitae.


1.5 hours

Schedule for Summer 2016

Tuesday, 7/19, 3:00–4:30 (Sec. 1)

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