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Writing Center Staff

Writing Center Staff

The Writing Center's programs are staffed by professional writing instructors, doctoral Teaching Assistants from composition and rhetoric and literary studies, and undergraduate Writing Fellows. All tutors in Writing Center programs are highly trained, expert readers and are qualified to offer help with writing in all disciplines and at all levels.

Writing Center Career Staff

  • Emily Hall, Director, undergraduate Writing Fellows Program
  • Brad Hughes, Director, Writing Center; Director, Writing Across the Curriculum
  • Nancy Linh Karls, Writing Center Science-Writing Specialist
  • Sarah Groeneveld, Interim Associate Director, Writing Center
  • Terry Maggio, Writing Center Administrator

Writing Center Instructors

  • Mia Alafaireet
  • Phil Bandy
  • Dominique Bourg Hacker
  • Will Broadway
  • Antonio Byrd
  • David Callenberger
  • Rachel Carrales
  • Jarrett Chapin
  • Hyonbin Choi
  • Kathleen Daly
  • Christopher Earle
  • Leigh Elion
  • Elisa Findlay
  • Matthew Fledderjohann
  • Devin Garofalo
  • Julia Garrett
  • Jeff Godsey
  • Monika Grzesiak
  • Jessie Gurd
  • Maggie Hamper
  • Lenora Hanson
  • Rachel Herzl-Betz
  • Amy Huseby
  • Erica Kalnay
  • Ruth Keller
  • Brian Knight
  • Annika Konrad
  • Stephanie Larson
  • Emily Loney
  • Jenn MacLure
  • Zach Marshall
  • Ambar Meneses-Hall
  • Julia Meuse
  • Elisabeth Miller
  • Anna Muenchrath
  • Richard Ness
  • Doyin Ogunfeyimi
  • Leah Pope
  • Jason Rocha
  • Naomi Salmon
  • Caitlyn Schuchhardt
  • Virginia Schwarz
  • Neil Simpkins
  • Chelsea Smith
  • Rebecca Steffy Couch
  • Antonio Tang
  • Jacqulyn Teoh
  • Aaron Vieth
  • Sharon Yam
  • Angela Zito


Writing Center TA Coordinators

  • Elisabeth Miller, Coordinator of Madison Writing Assistance
  • Rachel Herzl-Betz, Assistant Director of the Writing Fellows Program
  • Annika Konrad, Assistant Director of the Writing Fellows Program
  • Zach Marshall, Assistant Director of the Writing Center
  • Dominique Bourg Hacker, Online Coordinator of the Writing Center
  • Amy Huseby, Coordinator of Writing Center Outreach
  • Rebecca Steffy Couch, Co–Coordinator of the Writing Center
  • Christopher Earle, Co–Coordinator of the Writing Center
  • Kathleen Daly, Assistant Director of Writing Across the Curriculum